Our history

Independent, family-run company, active in the watchmaking sector since 1970.

Philippe and Francine Saner, founders of our independent family business

After working in the evenings, in a room in the basement of the family home, we built our first workshop on Route de Coeuve, in Alle (1971).

Later, the purchase of an old PTT building (chalet), as an extension...

In 2002, construction of the new production site at Zone Industrielle "La Fenatte 10" in Alle, with expansion in 2012-13.
So many memories and wonderful encounters over the years...

PhSaner, in the heart of Ajoie

PhSaner SA's modern premises at its new production site in Alle boast facilities adapted to contemporary production standards. The company relies on a dynamic team of more than thirty employees, all willing to evolve in the various modern watchmaking techniques.

Worldwide recognition

Our discreet contribution is a source of prestige for the brands whose commitment to excellence we share.

Our expertise

PhSaner SA positions itself as a privileged collaborator within a visionary and sustainable watchmaking industry, putting efficiency at the service of time management. Committed to innovation in the watchmaking world, the company provides support through its skills and expertise. PhSaner SA's fundamental mission is to contribute to the strategic and economic development of the watchmaking sector by providing know-how, innovation and expertise.

Our team

The PhSaner SA team is made up of professionals who are passionate about what they do. Our expertise and experience are put to work for the advancement of the company and the individual development of its members. Our focus is on efficiency in the service of the watchmaking industry. The aim of PhSaner SA is to provide this industry with its know-how in consulting, technical product analysis, movement assembly and finishing.

PhSaner SA puts its expertise and skills at your disposal to reinforce your mastery of the technologies and know-how essential to the development, evolution and renown of your brand.

Time, our passion

Time, a vast enigma that flows by without ever allowing itself to be fully apprehended, has become our passion, our ceaseless quest. Every moment, every fleeting flap of the watch's wings, arouses in us a fascination that transcends the limits of everyday life.

Eternal Guardians of Time

Our invisible work ensures that time continues to flow precisely and beautifully through each watch.