Reliability and Commitment

Artisants de l'Horlogerie: Invisible Excellence

As anonymous experts, we work in the shadow of the watch brands, bringing our know-how to every watch we assemble. Although our name never appears on any of them, the superior quality is a testament to our excellence.

50 long years of watchmaking excellence!

Our know-how sets us apart in
watchmaking subcontracting services. This enables us to provide
fast, accurate work at the right price for all
operations from T0 to T3. Our
equipment also offers the possibility of extending our
mechanical and laser engraving services.
We work in a modern environment,
adapted to new production techniques and
control, which encourages harmonious and productive working.

Our services

We're among the industry leaders, producing the most reliable and fashionable solution you're looking for.

Packing and assembly of mechanical movements

PhSaner S.A. is a modern, well-equipped watchmaking workshop specializing in the assembly of mechanical movements. The company prides itself on its continuity in the transmission of knowledge and its ability to adapt to the latest techniques and technologies.
We are also very active in the trimming of plates and other high-quality movement components.
PhSaner S.A. has decades of experience in the watchmaking industry and is capable of winding movements, including high-end movements, with or without complications. Mechanical movements are reassembled by hand, ensuring that each movement is meticulously assembled.
We also assemble "standard" movements, for which mechanization is more advanced.

Casing and fitting bracelets

Other areas of expertise for PhSaner S.A. include bracelet fitting and casing. The company can manage a customer's stock of watch components and provide casing services for watches with or without complications. In addition, PhSaner S.A. is able to fit bracelets of all kinds, ensuring that each watch is comfortable and secure on the wrist. The company's attention to detail and commitment to quality workmanship ensure that every watch is assembled to the highest standards.

The right choice

PhSaner S.A. offers excellent workmanship at the best prices, making it an ideal choice for watch brands concerned with consistent quality workmanship. The company's experience, expertise and commitment to quality ensure that every watch is assembled to the highest standards, offering customers excellent value for money. Whether winding high-end movements or fitting bracelets of all kinds, PhSaner S.A. is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers.

The only place to find the perfect solution for all your watch assembly needs.

Our services

Watch assembly as you like it

Garnishing(T0) of plates and other components

We carry out this work by hand for renowned watchmakers.

Our expertise in this field is the culmination of a tradition of excellence and a passion for high-precision watchmaking.

Reassembly of mechanical movements (T1)

Our expertise in winding mechanical watch movements has long been recognized.
Each component is meticulously placed and adjusted to ensure the precision and reliability of each watch.
This is a true art, requiring both technical skill and artisanal sensitivity.

Casing for all types of watches (T2), including those with complications.

From prototypes to large production runs, our expertise in casing all types of watches is recognized by major manufacturers.
We also have modern machinery and trained, motivated staff.

Fitting of all types of bracelets

Our mastery of fitting bracelets in a variety of materials and fastening methods is truly remarkable.
Whether leather, rubber, fabric or metal bracelets, each fitting is carried out with unequalled precision and attention to detail.
This know-how makes watches assembled on our premises as pleasant to wear as they are beautiful to look at.

PhSaner S.A. is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers.